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A Google User - "By far this is the best sushi place I have ever been to. I ordered the shrimp tempura roll and lee summit roll and it is delish. The salad am not too fond of. But it's a great place to eat if you are hungry for sushi ^_^"

A Google User - "My wife and I are sushi fanatics. We try new sushi places all the time, everywhere, and we keep coming back to Mr. Sushi because they are the consistently the best. It does seem a little pricey to those unfamiliar with the sushi world, but you get quality and twice the proportion of fish because they don't cheapen it by using too much rice. It is perfectly balanced for the perfect bite. The staff are very good at remembering you and will customize anything to your whim. Our favorites are the spicy crab salad, radish roll (with ginger and wasabi will roll your eyes back in your head), Philadelphia roll, and they also have a magic mushroom that is very delicious. Some of these items are rarely found at other places. The whole menu is good. Sapporo is a terrific Japanese beer if you like a lager with your sushi. We have tried the steakhouse side a few times, nothing above what you'd expect, but the sushi side is simply the best!"

A Google User - "We go to Mr. Sushi about twice a month and we are always happy with our experience. First, the owner and staff are so friendly and nice and they make an effort to remember the regulars and make you feel welcomed. We like to sit at the sushi bar and even though the place is often packed on the weekends, we never have to wait long for a seat. My favorites are the crab salad and maki (especially the daikon roll and spicy rolls). My husband likes the tuna nigiri and the Kelly Bui roll. Good job Mr. Sushi."

Abby Sweet - "Best sushi in Lees Summit. They're so friendly and it's always fresh and delicious."

Abigailjo - "The chef at steak house is very friendly. They cook very good. The portion is big. I would highly recommend."

Adam B. - "Mr. Sushi (which is hidden away in the strip-mall next to Hen House) provides excellent authentic sushi. The service is wonderful. Each time I have eaten at Mr. Sushi I have been greeted very warmly and made to feel like a regular (they have a steady stream of loyal regulars). I would definitely recommend Mr. Sushi to everyone! PROS: Excellent service, food. CONS: It can be expensive, but that is true for ALL sushi restaurants."

Alexis W. - "This is my FAVORITE sushi restaurant in the KC area! I constantly compare other sushi places to Mr. Sushi and no one beats them on quality of food, price, and service! Their Playoff roll and crab salad are my go tos every time I go!"

Andy - "I can't say I've been to that many sushi places, but I will say that this place was the best. We went on a busy Friday evening, yet we were seated after only a 15 minute wait. Following being seated, it took a while to get a server and even longer to have our order taken. They hand you a paper menu, and you are to mark down what you want and the quantity. Little room for error, yet little opportunity for explanations. I don't want to hinder sushi novices from coming here, but don't come when it's super busy. It may sound like I am complaining about the wait staff, but I am not. They were constantly moving around and busy; definitely overwhelmed. But enough about the Friday night chaos, I can't stop thinking about the food. Fantastic. We started with the calamari. Not something I normally order, but theirs was perfect. Thick pieces of squid and perfectly cooked. Following this, we had many different types of sushi, all of which were wonderful. This place is a must. And I can't wait to go back."

Angela Grego - "You must try the BRT roll!!"

Ashley Mcelhaney - "Try the 291, Lees Summit or Playoff roll!"

Benny Cardello - "Lee's Summit and 291 roll are really good!! Real good!!!"

Bernadette M. - "Best sushi in Lees Summit, it's close to home so I go often. Very friendly staff. Recommend to anyone who has not been. Didn't give it a 5 star because I think the rolls could be bigger. But very tasty."

Brett Gerber - "I really enjoyed the selection as my first time to try sushi I must say this was a great place to start. If you have not tried the Lee's Summit roll you must give them a try. Amazing! As well i really enjoyed the California rolls."

Brian V. - "Very good sushi and great service. I will definitely be back!"

C Jude S. - "I miss my good buddy, Tan at Mr. Sushi. I believe he is the owner and manager of the restaurant. And one of the Sushi chefs, Brian... Oh, and there is one other chef that was just hilarious! Sorry, but I can't remember his name. So why am I talking about the employees of Lee's Summit's best kept secret? Because they are just delightful! Excellent service to match with their excellent food! Mr. Sushi used to be just sushi. Then they expanded to offer Japanese steakhouse in the adjoining area. They also have a full-service bar. Yes, the steak is great. But the 5 stars is for the service and the sushi. Try the Lee's Summit Roll, which is a tempura (fried) roll with salmon on the inside. Then they drizzle it with some wonderful sauce. The crab salad is fantastic! I lived in Lee's Summit for two years. This place was really the only thing that I liked about living there. We recently moved to Overland Park, and haven't found anything quite like it. Go for the fun, the food and the friendly staff. Enjoy!!"

Careswell - "The spicy crab salad is a must try, as is the Lee's Summit roll! Good service too."

Cgray1 - "Mr. Sushi Rocks!! – My family and I love to eat at Mr. Sushi! Even our daughters love the sushi, especially the Lee's Summit roll! Tan and his staff make the girls feel welcome and give them "kid" chopsticks to use. The atmosphere is great and we really enjoy the wonderful food and friendly service!!"

Charles Williams - "Great sushi. Fast service and very friendly."

Cheyenne Danger Fender - "So delicious, lees summit roll is the best!"

Clayton Woodgrain Mertz - "Close at 10pm Friday. Love the Lee's Summit Roll."

Cory Sanchez - "If you’re not in Lawrence definitely worth checking out. The Playoff Roll is great."

Danielle White - "Try the Lee's Summit roll!! It's the best."

David T. - "Mr Sushi is a regular stop on my list of Lees Summit places to eat. I pretty much stick to a Squid Salad starter and get some combination plate (depending on how hungry I am). I've been to plenty of sushi places in KC and Mr Sushi has the best combination of fresh sushi, great service and affordable prices. No one else in my family likes sushi so I usually go solo and Tan & Brian have always made me feel right at home. There's usually a game on the TV behind the sushi bar too."

Dea Liang - "Daikon roll, Spring Break roll, Spicy Dynamite roll. Heaven!"

Debomad - "Great Food Great People Exceptional Value – I came to Mr Sushi with a group and it was very enjoyable. The meat was fresh and cooked to order. Everything was good and prompt service. I would recommend for anyone."

Dkwcar - "Try the Lees Summit roll! It is fully cooked! Great fresh sushi! The best in the area!"

Don G. - "The ingredients are fresh, the staff makes you feel welcome, and the service is excellent. The menu provides a wide variety of options. Mr. Sushi has plenty of options, even if you don't like raw seafood, try the tempura, you won't be disappointed. The entrees are fairly priced."

Dustin Mustard - "You have to try the spicy crab salad. It's amazing!"

Erin Van Casey - "Love this place!"

Fire T. - "Good service and food."

Greg H. - "This is one of our favorite places for sushi. We go there about once a month. The food is very fresh."

Heather Slaybaugh - "The Mayor was right... The Spicy Crab Salad is sooo good!!!!"

Is84 - "Delicious sushi at a great price! – I am so glad that my friends turned me onto this place. The staff are always really friendly and helpful, the restaurant is very clean, and the sushi is to die for! The raw sushi is always fresh tasting, and the cooked sushi is very flavorful as well. The prices can't be beat. They have great appetizers, too. If sushi isn't your thing, they've also got a connected Japanese Steakhouse with hibachi grills. If you've never been here, give it a chance. Who knew that Lee's Summit had a better sushi restaurant than anything to be found in Kansas City?"

Ivy Green - "I love this place. Sushi is fabulous and steak house food tastes yummy. My family always go there. Highly recommend"

Jaasiel De La Torre - "Best fried rice in the business and super sushi!"

Jacob James - "Spring Break Roll! Get it!"

Jenn - "Surprisingly wonderful... It's in a strip mall in the middle of Lee's Summit, who would have thunk it!!! But it really is great... I have been to probably 15 sushi places all around KC and this is the best... I don't know what the person who gave the previous review was saying when they said the sushi was warm... Maybe they were sitting on the hibachi side or something... I don't know, but in all the time's I've been there I have never had warm sushi... I recommend the sushi sampler which comes with a bunch of nigri style sushi and a California roll or the rainbow roll... Delish!"

Jenni - "The baked mussels and calamari were delicious! And the Lees Summit Roll is the best."

Jennifer Marie Fenyes - "I went to Mr. Sushi about a year ago and I remember them being pretty good, but their Rocky Roll was REALLY good. It was very flavorful, drizzled with spicy mayo. I know many of the cooks personally since I work at the gas station across the street and they're all very nice guys."

Jessica Lewellen- "Love the California roll, Lee's Summit roll and the service!"

Josh D. - "This is one of my favorite sushi spots to go to. The staff is very friendly and always remembers my name. I love to go there for lunch and get their bento box with teriyaki shrimp. It is the perfect portion for lunch and so delicious! They also have a very eclectic sushi menu as well. It's one of my favorite spots!"

Katherine Walz - "The Playoff Roll is Ah-mazing!!"

Laura W. - "My friends took me for sushi to cheer me up after some bad news. I was so surprised at how great the crab salad is. YUMMY I would totally order that just that alone it was so good. Had some crunch to it and the flavor was sweet and balanced. If you haven’t tried it you must!!! Sushi was good too but the crab salad really hit the spot!"

Maria - "Spicy crab salad rocks! I have had spicy crab salad at other Japanese restaurants and Mr. Sushi is by far the best."

McGee4Fam - "The crab salad is a must and I suggest trying different sushi rolls each time you visit. I haven't been disappointed yet. A nice surprise restaurant hidden away in Lee's Summit."

McKensie R. - "Love it!! Owner & his wife are SO nice! If you go in just a few times they will remember you by name :) everything is great!"

Mizzoumom56 - "Mr. Sushi is the best – I have been taking my family to Mr. Sushi since they opened. Tan and crew are the best. They make us feel like old friends. The sushi is fresh and has the best flavor around. We just love the daikon roll, rainbow roll, spicy crab salad, squid salad, ... and I could keep going. This is the best and friendliest restaurant in the KC area... For special events, such as birthdays, we make reservations at the Japanese steakhouse on the other side of the step. Both are fabulous."

Mkgrn - "Our family loves to eat here.....when we are taking out the kiddos, this is their first choice, to do the hibachi grill. When hubby and I go, we eat on the sushi side. All of the food is excellent, the service is great. The owner always remembers our names and our drink order. The attention to detail is top notch! We have eaten at fancier sushi restaurants, but we always go back here, because the food is better than any other place."

Philip M. - "Great staff and great food. The owner is always there to greet you with a big ole smile on his face."

Redoglady - "Best I've found in Kansas far.... – I don’t have the background of being a Sushi expert, but had a very favorite place, Mijuri, in Springfield, Missouri, where I moved from. I have tried a couple of places around the Metro including Leawood, Olathe, and Shawnee Mission and have yet to find anyplace that has a better flavor - fresh, not fishy - or price point - a little higher than cheap, but no worse than the cost of pizza for a couple. I am still looking for that WOW place in Kansas City but until then - if I am needing a sushi fix, the friendly staff and good food will do me well at Mr. Sushi."

Rich K. - "This is a very friendly, down-to-earth sushi and teppanyaki grill. They perform all the requisite teppanyaki routines (ooh the pyramid of onions is shooting fire, ooh some guy is throwing smashed-up shrimp at my face), and the prices are reasonable. There's an almost disconcerting abundance of space inside the restaurant, possibly enough to accommodate a basketball scrimmage. The owner, Tan, is very outgoing and friendly. He says "hey Rich" every time I come in, which is nice because that is my name. The sushi section of their restaurant seems consistently popular, but there is almost always available seating at the teppanyaki grill. And just like any authentic Japanese restaurant, they give you a handful of Andes chocolate mints along with your bill. That is what Japan is known for, right?"

Ryan Alcantara - "Compared to other Japanese steakhouses Mr. Sushi may not seem like a high priced restaurant but don't let the decor fool you. The chefs are just as good at entertaining and delivering delicious dinners and the sushi is just as appetizing. The steakhouse portions are more than generous and you will go home well fed. I would definitely recommend to anyone who's looking to have a night out with friends or family but don't want to deal with those other Japanese steakhouses that tend to get overcrowded quickly."

Ryan Alcantara - "If you're not a sushi fan like me don't worry they have plenty of non-sushi dishes to choose from."

Ryan D. - "The food is usually very good and they have the best sushi in Lees Summit. Not the fanciest restaurant but you get a good value. We split a meal at the tepinyaki since there is so much food. Very friendly staff and the owner always seems to be there."

Ryan Holland - "Get the Lee's Summit Roll."

Ryujin - "If you want original and inventive sushi, look no further... – Let me begin by saying that my buddies Tan and Bui are fantastic at what they do. Anytime one of my friends wants to go out to eat and they haven't yet experienced the gastronomical nirvana that is Mr. Sushi, that is the first place we go. (secret advice: ask for snake water...) Great food and service. I have not had the opportunity to try the new teppanyaki section that they opened but if it's anywhere near their sushi bar in quality, I'm sure I'll be equally impressed. This is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Lee's Summit (or anywhere else, for that matter). Even my wife loves the place and she is Mexican...that's a huge statement in itself. To all my friends at Mr. Sushi, keep up the great work and I'll be back again soon to do some shots with you guys! Respect!"

Sara D. - "Mr. Sushi has a wide selection of fresh sushi. The dining area is dimly lit making a perfect setting for a romantic date, but is also a delightful spot for friends and family. Their spicy crab salad is delicious! Decent prices and quick service."

Sasha Martinez - "Salmon Craker Roll, always."

SK8CJ - "Try the TIGER ROLL!!! This is new on the menu. I had them add some heat to it and it blew me away. I travel all over the country and was not expecting such an amazing place in KC. I tried the Ashley Roll also and that was killer. Miso was good and the edimame was good as well. The wait staff was amazing, don’t let the store front fool you this place is top notch and can compete with any fru fru place in cali!"

Tara Palumbo - "The Daikon roll is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Terri Gross - "Just have to add my two cents worth... I love this place!!! It may not be upscale, but the sushi is wonderful and the price is exceptional considering the quality of the food. I have been to some pretty pretentious places that had less variety and average sushi. I'm a fan!"

Terrry61 - "A nice change of food and scenery in Lees Summit Missouri."

Tom B. - "This is my favorite Sushi joint! The lees summit roll is the bomb! They serve raw fish here. You should know that going in! And it’s Fresh and Melts in your mouth!"



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Welcome to Mr. Sushi in Lee's Summit

Since 2003 Mr. Sushi in Lee's Summit has gained a wonderful reputation for excellent food and great service. We provide a relaxing atmosphere for everyone and we pride ourselves as a family oriented restaurant. We offer a wide variety of fresh sushi choices with some of our very own unique recipes.

If you are looking for a different and fun-filled dining experience our Japanese steakhouse is a superb choice that won't dissapoint. Our trained chefs enjoy entertaining our guests with their amazing talents. If you have never experienced a Japanese steakhouse before we encourage you to give us a try.

We sincerely, appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and you are encouraged to check out our menus and customer reviews. We are active in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube so feel free to connect to us at any of our pages. If you need to know how to find our location make use of our directions page. You can view our open and close times on the hours page. If you need assistance or have questions just give us a call at 816-554-4888.

We look forward to seeing you soon!




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Name: Mr. Sushi in Lee's Summit
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Telephone: 816-554-4888

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Sunday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Monday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm & 4:00 pm - 9:30 pm 
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Sunday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Monday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm & 4:00 pm - 9:30 pm 

Tuesday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm & 4:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Wednesday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm & 4:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Thursday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm & 4:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Friday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm & 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Saturday 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Note: We are open most holidays but you are welcome to call us just to make sure.

Telephone: 816-554-4888


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